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Welcome to the Safephone portal

by admin last modified 2007-07-09 12:36

This welcome page is used to introduce you to the Safephone Portal.

The Safephone portal is provided by PERA to allow the partners of the Safephone project to monitor the project's development and also to share information and ideas.

The portal is designed to be easy to use by and requires only the rudimentary knowledge of computers and using the internet. As you're already viewing this welcome page your already half way to using the portal! The next stage to using the portal is to logon as a user.

Because the information contained on the portal is potentially sensitive the use of the portal is restricted to the partners of the Safephone project. To implement security users are required to identify themselves each time they wish to use the portal, called logging in. To login to the portal click on the box under Name and enter your username. Then click on the box under Password and enter your password, note that the letters of your password are displayed as dots or stars.

If for any reason you have not received, cannot remember, or for some other reason cannot use your username and password please contact Debadutt Goswami. You username and password should be kept private, therefore if you wish other members of your organisation to have access to the Safephone Portal you should again contact Debadutt Goswami in order to register new users.

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